Epitome Of Hypocrisy

       Ever been to place where just by stepping into the building you feel a surge of excitement coursing through your body? A tingling jolt of anxiety and apprehension. Seeing people actually exert themselves and pushing themselves to their limit. Leaving this place you feel a sension of euphoria because today you accomplished something. Its called a gym something Planet Fitness is definetly not. Not only does it not provide the equipment to be a gym it certainly does not have the atmosphere nor the fitness enthusiasts you expect to see. In fact it is a degrading and deabilitating place for anyone hoping to see any gains and improvements in their physique. HOW DO I KNOW? WELL I WORKED THEIR FOR OVER A YEAR! In that year not only was I subjected to horrible treatment from the management but suffered the reprisal from many dismayed customers who had been offended or mistreated by the manager. It claims to be a judgement free zone Hah! If anything it is a congregation of the sharpest and most forked tongues I have ever seen. Customers come in drawn by the 10$ a month rate only to find that the quality of the gym if just as low if not lower. Customers soon become the gossip of the employee circle. Many a times i have seen and heard customers being insulted and berated behind their backs and to their faces. Customers do not go to a gym to be insulted.  A mediocre gym that is wasting the wonderful trainers they have.  One man in particular. He has changed many people both physically and mentally. I went to him a lean boxer striving to slab on pounds of meat only to have gained 60 POUNDS OF ALL LEAN MUSCLE IN MY TIME WITH HIM. NONE OF THAT CREATINE GARBAGE AND WHAT NOT ALL STRAIGHT DIET AND EXERCISE.  Working their i have seen this trainer’s potential being wasted by being constantly locked up by the owners and manager in a office that is  so small it can hardly be called such, more like a safe keeping the only one amazing thing the gym has to offer locked up.  How about that?  A gym, which is supposed to make you better is actually hampering your goals and most likely having its fair share of laughs at your expense.  Through this gym i have met many miracalous people  who all share this sentiment. One particular women was blessed with great genes. She through hard dieting and hard dedicated training along side the above mentioned amazing trainer made stupendous gains only to be harrassed by the management, insulted actually called FAT! (Where in the planet fitness creed Judgement free zone say that you should become a mockery) She was acutally being cricitzed for being too big. What in gods name is the problem there. God forbid someone actually came to this gym and got what they wanted done which given the horrendous environment is a mircale kudous to you and anyone else who might have suffered through this debacle and gained something.  I sought employment their yearning to learn about fitness , be exposed to people genuinely interested in their health and physique and most importantly have a wonderful workout and work environment. Too bad it didn’t deliver on all of those. I am beyond outraged at the treatment of the kind customers who I have met and actually see change for the better physically yet mentally become bogged down and actually dread coming into the place. I have met extremely intellectual people there who agree with me.  One such individual influenced me greatly and opened my eyes to the hypocrisy of planet fitness. An intellectual and enthusiastic bicyclist he introduced me to many of his friends who are among the kindest and most intelligent people who i have ever met and the only way i think of reciprocating their kindness towards me would be by exposing this down trodden environment that they are sadly subjected too. It may be hard to believe the rant of a young man aspiring to be much more but if you dont wanna take my word for it simply google planet fitness im sure you will find quite the description – most assurdley negative and why not check out this link of another reveiew while your at it http://eastfallschurchplanetfitness.wordpress.com/2008/06/18/the-aftermath-jerry-bianucci/#more-5. If you’ve made it this far into my blog then i have done my job as a writer by keeping you both drawn to my writing and to the truth of the ultimate hypocrisy. Thank you kindly for bearing with me and showing a tremendous amount of patience.


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15 Responses to “Epitome Of Hypocrisy”

  1. knokoutboy Says:

    My apologies for not including the link here it is http://eastfallschurchplanetfitness.wordpress.com/2008/06/18/the-aftermath-jerry-bianucci/#more-5

  2. Alex Says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. raven Says:

    I know exactly what you are talking about. they treat the trainer like an old dog. He is the best bthing there, he trains me.

  4. gymlovr Says:

    He hides in the office, they don’t want him in there. He was told not to have any more people in there or they would lock him out of his office, the trainer that is. He avoids dealing with the mgr that way.

  5. knokoutboy Says:

    that is exactly my point. he shouldnt have to hide in his office. he should be allowed to have people in his office when he is not training anyone and free of engagement. he shouldnt have to put up with an abrasive manager.

  6. ravensgal Says:

    you are mad becuase they wouldn’t let you train for boxing in a regular gym as theres. Even the mgr trains elsewhere for his sport. You need to pay the piper for the type of gym your sport requires. not look for a cheap way out. The trainer hides in his office from people

    • knokoutboy Says:

      Again that has nothing do with it. I already had and still have a place to train for boxing, i worked their as an employee for oh i dont know a job to obtain money since i was a highschool student, and to do weight lifting. And again why should a trainer have to hide in his office, listen ive been to multiple gyms like the sport and health in Mcclean and none of the trainers there have to hide and none of the management treats people like crap. Im not arguing over the fact that they did not have boxing equipment there i knew that prior to going in so nice try.

  7. ravensgal Says:

    he hides because he has no one to train, his hip hurts, and theres nothing to do. You don’t know the whole story behind things, and I have nothing against anyone in there, but they make it clear what kind of gym it is. And it’s not to train for boxing or body building. Theres no room for one thing.

  8. knokoutboy Says:

    you know what’s funny ravensgal? how you and gymlovr both are created from the same email address ravensgal63@yahoo.com. now why is that? oh even funnier how they are both stemming from the same ip. seems like someone from planet fitness trying to stick up for their gym. oh yeah i worked their for a year i no the trainer personally and i know the “story”. he has plenty of people to train seeing how planet fitness gives free training and hes the only trainer available. and i love how u keep circling around the same issue about how its not a boxing gym when i never mentioned in my article that i wanted a boxing gym. i stated previously that i had and still have a seperate place to train for that. i worked their to gain fitness knowledge and have an income.

  9. knokoutboy Says:

    you obviously didnt read my blog ravensgal and are poorly informed since i do not criticize the gym once for not being tailored for a sport. i criticize it based on the treatment of customers by the owners and management and unless you are a planet fitness employee you really cant dispute me since i have seen it first hand and watched the management insult many a customers in their face and behind their backs. There is a reason there are a multitude of blogs with poor reviews of this gym it is because it is the truth. i am surprised though in how you knew which specific planet fitness i was referring to and the trainer when i did not give any spefic deatils or refrence to its location. seems fishy?

  10. jason abner Says:

    I have to agree with the author here. I came to this gym for the cardio equipment which was great for the price but there was one peice of cardio equipment ( rowing station) which was out of commision for sometime and I asked the manager from time to time when it would be replaced and he always gave me the answer, “soon.” A fair deal of time went by and after many complaints the manager finnaly replaced the station. one day when i came in and swiped my card he looked at me and said with obvious disdain in his voice happy now? a short while after i left the gym and my wife and I now do our cardio at bailys.

  11. gymlovr Says:

    I’m going by what other gym memebers said, Who cares anymore anyway. I don’t why people never get over things and keep blogging them over and over. So you had a bad experience there, I can tthink of 20 people who love it and it works for them. Good luck with all you do, and why spy on people who are replying to you? it’s a public site and if you can say what you want long after it happened so can we. Several people use this computer not just me. theres your answer to that question. I am done going on these crybaby sites. I enjoy the place and so does everyone who uses it the way it was intended, Have a great life and many great gymdays

  12. knokoutboy Says:

    figures you would say something like that, first of all im not spying as the blog owner it automatically shows me the the ip and email address. and you are obviously still lying since you said many people use the same computer yet both accounts are still from the same email unless you are implying that you share email addresses with others. and why are you going on quote “crybaby sites” if you already go to the gym and love it why would you be checking blogs about the gym unless you were somehow tied to the gym and did not want bad reviews about it on the web. listen dont waste my time with your garbage trying to discredit my blog.

  13. planetfitnesssucks Says:

    Is that roided up douchebag of a manager still manning the front desk?

    • knokoutboy Says:

      yes he is, im glad to know that its not just my personal opinion, i have recieved a multitude of complaints about him. so atleat i know i’m being acurate and honest in my blog.

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